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How to Rent a Tux:

The tuxedo rental process is very easy. Town &  Country Tuxedos is trained to handle all aspects of our tuxedo rental program and you can count on our expert advice with style selection and fitting. Come into the store anytime to select your tuxedo, no appointment necessary. Best to come in at least 30 day before your wedding date.

Your groomsmen live out of town:

Don’t worry! You can solve this problem by downloading the Measurement Form . Use the form as a tool to collect the tux measurements for the gentlemen in your wedding who are too far from your chosen to be measured. All the measurements needed for the tuxedo order are listed on the form. Or they can just give us a call at the store and we receive all of the measurements. Please make sure the guys use an experienced person to measure them. There should be no charge for this, we also do this at no charge

When will my tuxedo rental be available for pickup?

We typically will have your tux in our store the Tuesday or Wednesday the week of your event. Please make sure you are able to come in to try the tux on for best fit. If there are any issues, this will give us time to exchange for the proper size.